How to boost your energy levels

Are you feeling more tired than usual? Find yourself drifting in the middle of the day? Cant focus in work and everything just seems like a massive effort? We have some simple steps you can take to instantly boost your mood and stop you falling asleep to early.


1 Your Breakfast choice


This is crucial and could be the main factor behind why you feel so sluggish. You should always try to get three things into your breakfast recipe Protein, complex slow release carbohydrates and simple fast acting carbohydrates. Some easy fast acting sugars such as bananas, berries or honey work perfectly. Eating a high protein breakfast will not only aid your muscle repair and recovery but also make you feel fuller for longer. Eggs are a great example, or simple a recipe that you can your protein powder to.



2 Get an early night


This may seem like an obvious one but ensure you’re getting the adequate rest that your body requires in order to stop you feeling fatigued! Sleep is vital for your brain function, your fitness performance and of course your recovery. Get a solid 7-8 hours, and try to switch of the gadgets at least 90 mins before.


3 Morning work out


Fitting in a workout in the morning will release endorphins giving you a boost of energy and a feeling of satisfaction. The more times you can wake up early and get a morning workout in, the better! If you’re not a morning person this can really change your way of thinking after getting into a routine you’ll eventually wake up earlier and feeling fresh. Frequent exercise will mean your body is forced to make more energy helping you get through the day.


4 Keep hydrated


Obvious one but so important. Drink. More. Water. By drinking more water your body will feel fuller for longer. Dehydration can make you feel tired, sluggish and very lethargic leading to headaches. Something so simple as keeping a bottle of water with you at all times could be the key factor to keep you feeling more energised throughout the day.



Our wheatgrass powder is also a great wake up call! Simple add it to a glass of water in the morning to give you that well needed boost of energy.