The best Mug Cake you need to try

Mug cakes are taking over the internet why? They are super quick and a easy way to get that protein scoop in. Say goodbye to shakes hello mug cakes. Time to satisfy your sweet tooth and boost your protein intake with this super simple mug cake recipe.

Four ingredients, three minutes, a microwave and a mug. That’s all you need to make this chocolate protein mug cake It doesn’t get simpler than this.


  • Put a mug on your scales and pour in 30g of protein powder
  • Add 25g of cacao or cocoa powder and less than a gram of baking powder – just fill the end of a teaspoon.
  • Mix the dry ingredients together well, then pour in 60ml of milk – coconut, unsweetened almond or whatever your like
  • Mix it all in so there are no lumps. Don’t worry if it looks thick – it’s supposed to.
  • Pop your mug in the microwave. If you want the entire mixture to be firm, put it in for one minute. If you want it to be a bit moist and for there to be a bit of a liquid in the middle of it, go for 45-50 seconds.
  • Enjoy it as is or top it off with some Greek yogurt and fresh berries.


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