Why You Should Never Dry Scoop Pre-Workout

The world is not stranger to controversial subjects and in the gyming world this is definitely one.  Many have been there trying to save a few seconds and have been throwing back a scoop of pre workout with no water whatsoever. Sounds gross or easy? Well it might not be as great as it first appears.

Unfortunately, this dangerous trend originally seen on social media has spread like wildfire across GymTok, with people excitedly shotting pre-workout before a big sesh. But the fad carries some serious risks, potentially fatal. So here are some reasons not to it.

Too much

The scoops might seen small, but that small scoop is still a lot of powder to swallow. And without water it can be pretty difficult. You can end up breathing it in and coughing it all out. 

Not good for your teeth

Pre-workout is extremely acidic, and when you dry scoop, you’re putting those acidic ingredients in direct contact with your teeth. So best to avoid if you don't want an early trip to the dentist.

Water is essential for absorption

Dry-scoopers also seem to forget the importance and value of water when it comes to a great workout water is essential for absorption of the pre-workout ingredients from your digestive system into your bloodstream. Pre-workout is also designed to be used with the correct amount of water.

Can cause stomach upsets

Not only can dry scooping cause some upset tastebuds, it can also cause stomach upsets. This is mainly due to the high levels of caffeine and creatine in many pre-workouts. By diluting it with water you are helping your stomach tolerate the caffeine and creatine.

Dry-scooping could be fatal

The final and most important reason you shouldn’t dry scoop is the potentially serious health consequences. Some people have ended up in hospital with suspected heart attacks after dry scooping. That is not worth the dry scoop.