So, you’ve got your protein, know all the benefits of how it allows you to quickly absorb and digest all the protein that you need immediately before, during and after a workout, and you’re starting to see and feel the difference. The label directs you to mix it with water or milk. So, should you have your protein shake with milk or water .

Benefits of Protein Shakes with Milk 

Protein in Milk 

For muscle gain, there are some serious advantages to be had from consuming your protein shake with milk. 


More Calories

350ml semi-skimmed milk has about 160–170 calories, so while you’re getting extra protein, you get extra calories too. In two shakes, you’re easily looking at an extra 300 calories a day. These extra calories are great for those in a mass-gaining phase. 



Nutrition aside, many people recommend milk as a mixer from the taste alone, as it gives a creamier mouthfeel and slightly sweeter taste, satisfying sweet-tooth cravings and leaving you feeling fuller. 


Negatives of Protein Shakes with Milk

Taking your protein shake with milk may not be the best choice if you have a sensitivity to lactose - as in this case it can cause stomach upset. While milk isn’t high in calories, it still adds to your calories and macros for the day. If you’re cutting your calorie intake, this is an easy place to reduce calories.


Benefits of Protein Shakes with Water

They’re better for cutting 

Water is calorie-free. The major benefit of taking your protein with water instead of milk comes down to weight management. 

Mass gainers will benefit from milk, but if you’re trying to manage your weight while getting your protein, water is on your side. One scoop of the average protein powder mixed with just one cup of milk is an estimated 270 calories. A protein shake mixed with water is usually a mere 110 calories. 


They can be more easily digested

Using water instead of milk in your protein shakes can cause less stomach discomfort and bloating if you are lactose-sensitive. You may feel lighter and leaner if you use water than mixing with milk. 


Unlike milk, water is pretty accessible anywhere. This means you can turn up to the gym with a powder-filled shaker, and fill it up whenever you need it. This offers a fresh experience, while also ensuring you don’t spill your shake in your gym bag.


Take Home Message

So, should you have your protein shake with milk or water? Taste aside, there are some serious differences between taking your protein with milk and water. Water is ideal if weight-loss is your goal, providing protein while minimising the fats and carbohydrates found in milk. Those fats and carbohydrates are nothing to be ignored for muscle builders and gainers, who will massively benefit from the extra protein found in milk.