Morning motivation




We all have that Monday morning feeling when getting out of bed just doesn't seem that appealing. If you don't have that motivation to get going, establishing a morning routine helps with productivity, purpose and mood. 


 Waking up at an earlier time is an essential part to a fab morning routine! It helps your body get into a good circadian rhythm. It also means you’ll go to sleep earlier and get a great night’s sleep! Waking up early is also good for your mental health, it can improve your mood, focus, and reduce the risk of depression. So let's try setting that alarm and hour earlier tomorrow?



Let's try to avoid hitting snooze and instead get up ad get ready.Making your bed first thing in the morning is a simple way to boost your mood by going into the day already having an achievement. Having a tidy room is not only nice but it can also aid productivity and is one less thing to do later in the day.

Also remember to drink a pint of water during your morning routine. It will increase your energy, improve your metabolism, and help keep you hydrated plus it will help you get your daily water intake. 



Pick your preferred workout and enjoy it! Now that you’re energised, you’ll be able to get the most out of it. Working out in the morning means one less thing to worry about during the day and feeling good when you finish your day. It’s also a great way to kickstart your day because it helps with optimism, focus and your eating habits. It doesn't have to be a big exercise routine simple stretches or some light yoga will do the job!



Another great option for a top morning routine is having a protein rich breakfast. Some delicious options are our protein Porridge, granola, or pancakes, they are all high in protein and low in sugar!Having a high protein breakfast is not only good for your mood but can also aid in weight loss or maintaining weight!