Why take Magnesium supplements?


Having enough magnesium can benefit sleep and mood. It may also lower your risk for certain diseases and health conditions.

Magnesium is the fourth most abundant mineral in your body. In fact, your body can’t work properly without it.The nutrient is essential for hundreds of metabolic processes and many other important bodily functions, from producing energy to building important proteins.Dietary sources of magnesium include legumes, nuts, seeds, and green leafy vegetables. Smaller amounts are found in meat and fish.

However, despite its importance, studies show that almost 50% of people in Europe and the United States don’t get enough of this essential mineral.


So what are the benefits of Magnesium?

1. Restlessness and cramping

Magnesium supplements are often taken to tackle cramping or restless legs syndrome.

2. May lower blood pressure

For those with hypertension, magnesium may help regulate blood pressure. There are also wider cardiovascular benefits, with higher magnesium intakes linked with reducing the risk of strokes.

3.Bone health

Magnesium is involved in bone formation through its influence on bone turnover, as well as its role in potentiating vitamin D.

4.May improve sleep

Magnesium may be a useful sleep aid, because it helps quieten the nervous system, creating a calm and relaxed disposition.

5.May alleviate headaches/migraines

Magnesium deficiency appears to play a part in the development of migraines and headaches. So taking magnesium may help relieve this.


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Nutritional Information: Each tablet provides on average 300mg of Magnesium, which is 80% of the Reference Intake.

Ingredients: Magnesium Oxide, Bulking Agents: (Microcrystalline Cellulose, Maltodextrin), Modified Maize Starch, Anti-caking Agent: (Magnesium Stearate).