What to eat before a workout


What to eat before a workout


No matter your fitness goals it’s important to give your body quality fuel before exercise to keep your energy levels up as well as help your muscles recover and adapt to changes. But figuring out what to have before can be a struggle. Different training requires different types of nutrients , but figuring out the right ones can help you maximise the benefits of all your hard gym work.


Eating smartly will help to improve your performance, enhance your muscle growth and support recovery. This allows you to then remain more consistent and progress faster. 

So what food for what training? We got you follow the steps below to maximise your eating habits.




We have all heard about consuming protein after a workout but having a pre-workout protein can also help maximise your results. Studies have found consuming protein before training has the same gains. But if you are resistance training its important to include carbs with protein in you pre workout meal or snack. This will fill you with energy and allow your body to utilise more carbs for fuel rather than protein. Consuming protein pre-workout kick starts muscle protein synthesis during your training, rather than after you’ve finished.





If you much prefer cardio as your go to exercise then a carbohydrate heavy meal or snack should be your go to pre-workout. Carbs provide your body with energy to endure prolonged bouts of exercise. This is because your muscles will use the glucose from the carbs for fuel.




Pre-workout carbs optimise your body’s ability to use glycogen to provide energy for quick- and high-intensity training. Carbs can be misinterpreted as being bad but in a healthy lifestyle they are a perfect pre workout snack.


A pre-workout snack or meal should always contain some source of carbohydrates as they provide the body with energy.


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