Truth about regular supplements.


The Truth about regular supplements

Take supplements, get healthy, right? Surely they don’t contain any questionable ingredients.

The truth is the animal products used in many mainstream and supermarket supplements aren’t always taken from the part of the animal that you’d think. Animal hair and wool mixed with synthetics are often used in the manufacturing process in all types of products that claim to promote health. Sounds a bit shifty to us!

Why have Boxed Off chosen the vegan option?

environmental benefits of vegan produce – reduced land use, water use, and greenhouse gas production – have been proven, so it’s crucial to us that Boxed Off harnesses that plant-power. We use 100% plant-based ingredients in our supplements.

We didn’t create Boxed Off just for vegans. We don’t judge – as long as you’re getting the right nutrition, that’s all that matters to us. But we do care about all diet types, and that’s why we have created a specialist Vegan Box!

It can be a controversial topic, but we recognise that everyone is different. It’s your lifestyle, and we will use our range to supplement whatever dietary regime you choose, in an environmentally conscious way. Take care of the planet while you take care of yourself!

It’s not just the supplements that are plant-based

As well as our entire range being plant-based, our packaging – from the boxes to the supplement packets – are all recyclable. We operate a ‘single-use plastic’ free approach. We encourage people to use the spoons in their house in our instructions. We’re even working on creating our own wooden scoops! Watch this space.

WHY SHOULD YOU CHOOSE US?- We make it simple

We know that everyone’s needs are different, so we’ve tailored our boxes of vitamins and minerals to target commonly desired focuses.

The team have a thorough depth of knowledge on which supplements will support your body in the areas of your lifestyle that you’re looking to focus on. They carefully handpick the components of every one of our boxes making it easy for you to get not only all the supplements you need, but crucially, the ones you want – and you don’t have to do any of the legwork!

Our handpicked supplement boxes don’t just offer support for your health, they support you with the life you want to lead. In just 4–6 weeks, you can see improvements in your target goals, just by simply following our included guidelines.

Want to get the most out of your workout? We’ll help you get hench. Are the years adding aches and pains? Let us help you soothe those joints. Want to get a better night’s sleep? We even have that covered (although we draw the line at reading you a bedtime story). Wish you felt more zen? We’ve got it Boxed Off.

So what are you waiting for? Click here to shop our full and diverse range of boxes and standalone supplements and start your journey towards a healthier you and a healthier planet.

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