How To Train Safely In Hot Weather


Here in the UK we have been experiencing some pretty hot days recently and with Summer only just begun we think we might have some more sunny days. The sun doesn't stop us from working out but it certainly can make things harder on our body. So we have some top tips on how to train safely when the temperatures rise.


Train early or late in the day

It's likely that even the cooler times of the day will still have elevated temperatures but we all know that those peak times between 11 and 3 are times to avoid the sun so the same should be said when training. Training early in the morning or late in the evening will allow you to avoid the peak temperatures and help keep you as cool as possible.


Stay hydrated.

Drinking during hot-weather workouts will help your sweating system do its job better. By drinking throughout each training session you will keep your blood volume close to normal levels, which in turn keeps your sweat rate high. It's important that you keep your body hydrated. The colour of your urine is one of the best indicators of your hydration levels. Charts showing normal and abnormal colouring should be used as a guide. 


Dress for the Weather

Wearing light coloured clothing that is breathable is the best way to dress when exercising in the heat, particularly when outdoors. Try to avoid dark coloured clothing as they absorb more light meaning you will feel hotter. while light coloured clothing reflects more of the sunlight that hits it, minimising the amount of heat absorbed by you. 


Slow down.

Research has shown that the brain protects the body during exertion in the heat by constantly monitoring the core body temperature and limiting muscle activity to prevent the core body temperature from rising to dangerous levels. 

So don’t expect or try to perform at the same level on hot days. Instead, maintain your normal level of exertion and understand that you will not go as fast at this level of exertion as on cooler days.


Always listen to your body.

Early signs and symptoms of heat illness include fatigue, discomfort, lightheadedness, cessation of sweating, disorientation and nausea. Stop exercising and find a cool environment as quickly as possible if you begin to notice any of these signs or symptoms while exercising in the heat.