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Vitamin C + Iron

Put Simply: Vitamin C helps the body absorb Iron, that’s why we’ve combined the two. This supplement will support the function of the immune system, healthy bones, gum, teeth and skin, just like Vitamin C but will also support the formation of red blood cells and assist in the transportation of oxygen around the body. Each biodegradable pack contains a 30 day supply.

  • Tiredness & Fatigue
  • Red Blood Cells
  • Bones
  • Skin
  • Teeth & Gums

Interestingly, Vitamin C supplements can help improve the absorption of iron in the diet. Combined these two products has great health benefits. Managing iron levels include eliminating fatigue and many of its sources. Iron also plays a vital role in immune system function, treating anaemia and boosting haemoglobin.

Nutritional Information: Each tablet provides on average 500mg (625%*) of Vitamin C and 45mg of Ferrous Fumarate, providing 14mg (100%*) of Iron. *Reference Intake.

Ingredients: Sugar, Vitamin C prep (Ascorbic Acid, Maize Starch), Sodium L Ascorbate, Bulking Agent: (Microcrystalline Cellulose), Anti-Caking Agent: (Magnesium Stearate), Natural Flavour (Orange), Natural Colour (Beta Carotene), Natural Flavour (Vanilla). Ferrous Fumarate.

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