• 5HTP

    Put Simply: 5HTP restores serotonin levels, serotonin is an important chemical in our bodies that helps regulate mood, behaviours, appetite, digestion, sleep and memory amongst many other things. 5HTP has been shown to alleviate symptoms of anxiety, depression, insomnia and in some cases fibromyalgia. It is also thought to assist in relieving migraines and tension related headaches. Each biodegradable pack contains a 30 day supply.
    • Mood
    • Sleep
    • Memory
  • Algae Oil

    Put Simply: This is your go to vegan source of Omega 3. Sustainably sourced from Micro Algae these Vegan oil capsules provide Omega 3 DHA fatty acids that maintain and support healthy heart and brain function as well as contributing to a healthy cell membrane which in turn is great for the skin. It's also great for joint and bone health and combating inflammation in the body. Each bottle contains a 30 day supply.
    • Skin
    • Heart
    • Brain
    • Memory
    • Cognitive development & function
    • Joint & Bone Health
    • Inflammation
  • BCAA

    Put simply: This post workout vegan supplement will increase muscle growth, prevent muscle wasting and help alleviate muscle soreness. Each bottle contains a 30 day supply.
    • Muscle growth
    • Prevent muscle wasting
    • Decrease muscle fatigue
    • Alleviate muscle soreness
  • Put Simply: Beetroot contains nitrates and pigments that help to lower blood pressure and improve athletic performance. Popular with runners and cyclists for some time as it is thought to improve endurance, this source of nitrates is becoming a popular supplement all round as it may help fight inflammation, benefit our digestive health and assist in weight loss too. Each bottle contains a 30 day supply.
    • Blood Pressure
    • Improve Athletic Performance
    • Fight Inflammation
    • Digestive Health
    • Weight loss
    • Brain Health
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    Put Simply: Calcium is essential in maintaining a healthy heart, muscle and nerves as well as building strong bones and teeth. Each biodegradable pack contains a 30 day supply.
    • Bones
    • Teeth
    • Heart
    • Muscle
    • Nervous system
  • Put Simply: Soaking in an Epsom Bath will help reduce inflammation after exercising. Use it's minerals to help draw out toxins from the body whilst you bathe promoting a good nights sleep and relaxation. Each biodegradable pack contains a 30 day supply.
    • Muscle
    • Sleep
    • Relaxation
  • Put Simply: If your serious about training then Creatine & HMB is your go to supplement. Not only will it improve your strength and endurance but it will help to decrease fat mass and increase lean muscle to help you achieve better results. It will also assist in speeding up muscle recovery. Each biodegradable pack contains a 30 day supply.
    • Strength & Endurance
    • Muscle mass
    • Muscle recovery
  • Kelp

    Put Simply: Kelp is a go to supplement for supporting normal thyroid function and the normal production of thyroid hormones. It can also help to reduce fat absorption and it is recommended to support healthy hair growth. Sea Kelp is a natural source of vitamins and minerals and contains the highest natural concentration of Calcium of any food, even 10 times more Calcium than milk. Each biodegradable pack contains a 30 day supply.
    • Thyroid
    • Hair
    • Weight loss
  • Put Simply: KSM 66 is an ashwagandha extract, drawn from the roots of the plant. It's primary benefits are in reducing stress and anxiety. It's also used widely to promote muscle recovery and assists endurance and is a popular supplement in helping to improve muscle size. It can also help to lower cholesterol and boost immunity. Each biodegradable pack contains a 30 day supply.
    • Stress reduction
    • Anxiety
    • Muscle
    • Cholesterol
    • Immunity
  • Magnesium

    Put Simply: This Magnesium supplement will help to promote relaxation and aid in reducing anxiety. It is popular for use in reducing tiredness and fatigue. In addition Magnesium is essential in supporting bones, teeth, muscle and the nervous system. Each biodegradable pack contains a 30 day supply.
    • Tiredness & Fatigue
    • Sleep
    • Nervous System
    • Bones
    • Teeth
    • Muscle
  • Put Simply: Milk Thistle is a popular supplement as although it primarily supports normal function of the liver and is used in treating liver problems it also promotes good skin health, can reduce cholesterol, supports weight loss, reduces insulin resistance and supports bone health and brain function. Each biodegradable pack contains a 30 day supply.
    • Liver
    • Skin
    • Bones
  • Put Simply: A healthy gut is essential in promoting well being. These prebiotics and probiotics provide no less than 6 billion 'friendly' bacteria which will help maintain the favourable pH balance of the intestine thereby improving your gut-brain interaction and aid digestion.Our Pre+Probiotics are a non dairy source of live product. Each biodegradable pack contains a 30 day supply.
    • Gut
    • Weightloss
    • Brain
    • Immune system
    • Reduces bloating