October Newsletter


Welcome to the Boxed Off Newsletter. It’s good to see you. Now you can get your knowledge straight from the source; we’ll keep you up to date on all our latest news, offers, discounts, guest training sessions and special events. We’ll also be sharing expert insight from the Boxed Off Team. We’ve kicked off with a tip on how to see off a cold before it starts. Enjoy! Team Boxed Off What have we been up to? To celebrate World Health Day, we ran our first event with David Lloyd at the end of September. If we do say

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Why do we use Vegan Supplements?


The truth about regular supplements Take supplements, get healthy, right? Surely they don’t contain any questionable ingredients. The truth is the animal products used in many mainstream and supermarket supplements aren't always taken from the part of the animal that you’d think. Animal hair and wool mixed with synthetics are often used in the manufacturing process in all types of products that claim to promote health. Sounds a bit shifty to us! Why have Boxed Off chosen the vegan option? The environmental benefits of vegan produce – reduced land use, water use, and greenhouse gas production – have been

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